The Award-Winning Pregnancy Pillow

"This pregnancy pillow is so insanely comfortable, I’ve slept through my alarm twice this week."

– Evelyn B, USA

Make your sleep more comfortable and wake up fully energized.

  • Helps you sleep better and alleviates pain
  • Supports your back, hips and legs
  • 100% cotton, machine washable, removable cover, BPA-Free

Soft cover, stable core: Cozy and supportive.

Soft & fluffy

The cotton cover and fluffy filling give a soft, cozy feeling of sleep. So the pillow remains uniquely comfortable in any position.

Ergonomic & supportive

Short fibers give the inner cushion its supportive, liquid-like texture that moves and adapts optimally.

u shaped full body pregnancy pillow

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

By raking sand and arranging the stones in your mini zen garden, you will immediately start to relax.  The repetitive movements help you to focus on the present and forget the past and the future. This way you get to escape your busy life and stress whenever you want – even in your office while taking a break.

Enhances Creativity

Our mini zen garden will stimulate your creativity. It helps with meditation to improve divergent thinking and creates a fertile inner space in which new ideas can emerge and flow. 

The presence and calming effect of our zen garden can also assist you to solve problems and practice your mindfulness.

top rated body pillow pregnant women
snoogle maternity pillow side sleeper

Enhances the circulation of blood.

Sleeping on your sides promotes blood circulation, and it is recommended for pregnant women. Sleeping side-ways might be uncomfortable for a pregnant woman due to her growing belly. Owing to its soft cushioning, a pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep comfortably sideways, thereby easing up and promoting the circulation of blood in the body.

Frequently asked questions

Our pillows are carefully made to assure the best possible support for you and your baby. We use only non-toxic materials and our priority is to make sure that our customers get the highest quality pregnancy pillow there is on the market.

The Sluffy™ is 28″ x 51″ x 12″ big.

Yes. You can easily take the cover off, wash it, and put it back on.

Yes. Sluffy™ has a double zipper and the machine washable cotton cover comes with a zipper for easy removal and easy cleaning.

The pillow supports you back, hips and legs and is known to alleviate body aches and pain.

Our customers have been using this maternity & pregnancy pillow effectively for back pain and 3rd trimester pain relief.

No, you can use it whenever you feel the need for additional support while sleeping.

A lot of our customers continue to use it after their pregnancy. It makes them sleep more comfortable and they feel much more rested after waking up.

Yes. The pillow is small enough to leave enough room for your partner.

Sluffy™ has a universal size and fits to all heights. If you are very tall you can use the very top as a pillow to lay your head on (instead of laying it on the hole). It is very comfortable and supporting for every body size.

Not at all. Thanks to the design and the materials used you won’t get hot, but it will keep you warm and cozy.

More questions? We are happy to help. Contact Us

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What our customers are saying

"I’m currently 7 months pregnant and could not get comfortable enough to sleep at night. This pillow is a life saver! I’m back to sleeping all night (at least until our sweet girl gets here!)"
Lisa M.
"Absolute must have for pregnant ladies, or anyone really! I am 5 months pregnant and this pillow allowed me to sleep comfortably for the first time in a while!"
Sara J.
"Hands down! Best purchase to improve my sleep quality. And there is still plenty of room in our king size bed. Husband is happy as well!"
Kate W.

About the company

We at Soon A Baby know how exhausting it can be to carry a baby around.
That’s why we made it our mission to support every soon to be mother with great products and make their lives during pregnancy as easy and comfortable as possible.

Our team is dedicated to help you have a great pregnancy and maternity experience, by letting you concentrate on all the wonderful and amazing parts of motherhood.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Melissa K.

Perfect for all stages of pregnancy!

I’m barely 5 weeks pregnant and before I been found out we were expecting again, I was having trouble sleeping. Now I’m obsessed with this thing. I got it today and have used it all evening, from sitting on the couch folding laundry to laying in bed. I’m in love! It supports my back soooo well. My hips are aching less already. I highly recommend this product especially if you’re pregnant!

Michael F.

My wife loves it!

I did my research and I am really happy with this product. It’s very comfortable and super long. My advice is to buy it for your wife. I surprised her with it and she was very happy. Definitely made the nights a little easier for her. She still had like 12 more pillows to go along with it but this was the center of her pillow masterpiece.

Virgie R.

Very Pleased

Pros: 1. Long enough (I'm 5' 4") 2. Cured back, hip and leg pain within a few days. I believe my chronic pain was caused by the fact that I sleep on my right side and my left leg had no support. 3. Don't need to be pregnant 4. Supports whole body - one side between the legs and the other side snugly propped against your back 5. Don't need pillow - it's very comfortable to rest your head on the top curve. 6. Cover washes easily - good idea to order an extra cover and alternat them. 7. Thick and firm enough to support body. 8. Head rest provides support and enough height to give your shoulder some room.

Eric V.

Wife loved it

My wife loved the pillow while pregnant and after. It is so helpful with avoiding back and hip pain and with having a comfortable position when pregnant. She even named it..

Mariah R.

Nice product

It is a well thought product. Hard to imagine the pain women go through during pregnancy. Overall a very intelligent product.

Elise I.


This pillow helped me have the best sleeps for weeks. I can’t wait to use it when the little one arrives!

Christina D.

Good Pillow

My sister is almost obsessed with this pillow. She has nothing bad to say about it and she claims she sleeps so much better since getting it. She's not even pregnant or anything, she just really likes to be cuddled. I will most definitely buy myself one as well.

Shannon R.

You'll fall in love with this pillow the first time you use it!

This pillow once out of the wrapper and fully filled out was a game changer from the first time of just seeing what it would feel like. It is like you are in a comfortable, huggable, non restricting comforting soft cocoon that cradles your back and softly supports your legs, head and neck and as well is so versatile in all the different ways you can position it.

Thomas C.

Very nice

Bought the pillow for my wife and she loves it! Keeps her comfortable during pregnancy. I'm actually slightly jealous 🙂

Dorothy S.

Amazing pillow

This pillow is life changing. I would always move around during the night and use 4 pillows to be comfy. Since I got this pillow, I am a lot more comfortable and feel like I have support. I am only 9 weeks Pregnant and so glad I got this pillow already.

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