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"I’m currently 7 months pregnant and could not get comfortable enough to sleep at night. This pillow is a life saver! I’m back to sleeping all night (at least until our sweet girl gets here!)"
Lisa M.
"Absolute must have for pregnant ladies, or anyone really! I am 5 months pregnant and this pillow allowed me to sleep comfortably for the first time in a while!"
Sara J.
"Hands down! Best purchase to improve my sleep quality. And there is still plenty of room in our king size bed. Husband is happy as well!"
Kate W.

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long u shaped full body pregnancy pillow

About the company

We at Soon A Baby know how exhausting it can be to carry a baby around.
That’s why we made it our mission to support every soon to be mother with great products and make their lives during pregnancy as easy and comfortable as possible.

Our team is dedicated to help you have a great pregnancy and maternity experience, by letting you concentrate on all the wonderful and amazing parts of motherhood.

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